“An old-fashioned approach for a new age industry.”

At Dynamic Retail Solutions our mission is to increase revenue for our clients through rapid campaign expansion and building brand awareness. For our retail partners we provide an influx of professionalism, excitement and knowhow that increases customer interaction and loyalty.

We drive sales by educating customers and energizing the overall store atmosphere with an unmatched passion for not just what we do but how we do it.

Our company has grown by helping our partners grow. We promise a 100% return on investment and have continued to deliver in every location we have taken on.

Our team focuses on elevating every aspect of customer retention, by creating a fun and engaging customer experience and challenging our partner’s employees to match our competitiveness and enthusiasm.

We have grown from a unique and revolutionary idea, into one of the most successful direct marketing partnerships in the region by continually exceeding expectations and utilizing our unique approach to deliver results.

Our current client list includes the biggest names in electronics, retail and communication services. When you hire DRS, you are guaranteeing increased success in multiple areas, as proven by our past successes we promise to do the same for each and every partner we add.

What Shoppers Say

“The reps from DRS are SOOO ENERGETIC and helpful. Every time I need any help they are always there and they do a great job making you feel welcome and wanted.”

– Brandi M.

“The guys and girls from DRS are SUPER knowledgeable. They can always answer your questions pretty quick. It's like they know what you're about to ask before you do.”

– Sierra L.

“The guys and girl[s] from DRS are always so helpful and energetic. They know what they are talking about and are super patient explaining everything to you.”

- Marissa B.

“C.J. helped us look up our cable prices for our new house. Made everything really easy and simple.”

– Tanya C.

Dynamic Retail Solutions is growing!

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More Shopper Feedback

Fun people, they are always helpful and full of energy. Would recommend to anyone who asks.

Nicole W.

Exceptional service, very informative and professional!!!

Shawn C.

Really fun energetic people. Wish everyone loved their jobs as much as the people at DRS love their jobs.

April R.