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Over the past 5 years we have helped some of the largest retailers in the south maximize store revenue and we can do the same for your location.

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about us


At DRS we noticed that the world of advertising underwent a disruption over the past 15 years. Traditional advertising and marketing don't have the same impact they once did. In the 21st Century advertising and marketing campaigns need to be more targeted and versatile. We have changed the implementation and the execution of mass customer acquisition to reflect the changes in the industry.

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Our Services


Brand Management

We bridge the gap that exist between your larger brand and individual customers. As your company grows so does this gap. We fill that gap by making sure each individual continues to feel valued and appreciated.

Customer Acquisition

Competition is always going to be fierce in every industry. DRS gives you a constant edge because we have the influence that allows us to lock down the undecided customer and the skill to win over customers who were once dedicated to your competition.

Customer Retention

Although our focus is helping you generate new revenue, we are also dedicated to helping you keep the customers you already have happy. We build great relationships with every customer we engage which keeps them engaged with the progress you are making as a company. This means the customers you have will be more likely to renew in the future.

Stronger Local Relationships

Local retailers serve as a nucleus for many communities. By hiring DRS your company now has an increased local presence. Each shopper will see your brand as a more concrete part of their community.

our difference


We're the BEST Retail Marketing Firm in the country. We promise a 100% return on your investment.

Our team has incredible reach, we can put together a plan locally and nationally.

Our Campaign Managers go through rigorous training and have mentors with years of experience guiding them.

At Dynamic Retail Solutions we know how important your brand is. We make sure each and every customer we come in contact with has an amazing experience.


What Shoppers Say

The reps from DRS are SOOO ENERGETIC and helpful. Every time I need any help they are always there and they do a great job making you feel welcome and wanted.

Brandi M.

The guys and girls from DRS are SUPER knowledgeable. They can always answer your questions pretty quick. It's like they know what you're about to ask before you do.

Sierra L.

The guys and girl[s] from DRS are always so helpful and energetic. They know what they are talking about and are super patient explaining everything to you.

Marissa B.

C.J. helped us look up our cable prices for our new house. Made everything really easy and simple.

Tanya C.

The Bestbuy DRS rep helped me pick out my LG head set and helped me save an extra $50 on them!

Cassannah M.

Fun people, they are always helpful and full of energy. Would recommend to anyone who asks.

Nicole W.

Exceptional service, very informative and professional!!!

Shawn C.

Great service and very helpful. Appreciate the hard work.

Trung N.

Really fun energetic people. Wish everyone loved their jobs as much as the people at DRS love their jobs.

April R.

CJ from DRS was very helpful, he answered all our questions and helped us be very confident in our decision. He was great to talk to.

Angelique J.