An old-fashioned approach with a focus on the future.

Dynamic Retail Solutions was founded in 2012 by CJ Robinson. Over the next seven years CJ and his team successful built and customized marketing campaigns for retailers all over the country. In the second half of 2018 CJ decided that it was time to leave the Fortune 500 retailers and instead focus on a group he felt a much stronger connection to, private business owners.

In 2019 CJ launched Club 117. Club 117 is a concierge service built to protect and assist Club Members as they grow and expand their businesses. The Club offers services and programs designed to increase revenue and lower overhead across all business models.

We drive sales by increasing brand awareness through multiple forms of direct and digital marketing campaigns. We bring unmatched passion and dedication to each project because our founder understands what it is like to build a company from the ground up.

Our mission is to empower local business owners with the tools they need to not just compete with but to dominate their larger competition. Working with Fortune 500 clients for nearly a decade gives us an insight into business operations that we use to help our members grow consistently and systematically.

We focus on customer growth, customer retention and cost control. We start by getting our clients and immediate savings on one of their core services and then put together a customized plan to get them their next stage of growth. All of our clients get individualized attention and have direct access to our founder.

Joining Club 117 is an easy decision, there is no other option like it in the marketplace.

Our current client list includes the biggest names in electronics, retail and communication services. When you hire DRS, you are guaranteeing increased success in multiple areas, as proven by our past successes we promise to do the same for each and every partner we add.

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What Shoppers Say

Brandi M.

“The reps from DRS are SOOO ENERGETIC and helpful. Every time I need any help they are always there and they do a great job making you feel welcome and wanted.”

– Sierra L.

“The guys and girls from DRS are SUPER knowledgeable. They can always answer your questions pretty quick. It's like they know what you're about to ask before you do.”

- Marissa B.

“The guys and girl[s] from DRS are always so helpful and energetic. They know what they are talking about and are super patient explaining everything to you.”

– Tanya C.

“C.J. helped us look up our cable prices for our new house. Made everything really easy and simple.”

Club 117 is Expanding

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